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64/ human 2.0: the reunion with self

64/ human 2.0: the reunion with self

the ultimate step in human evolution
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there will be two types of humans: those that are acting from the mind and those that are acting from a higher principle call it love or the heart. based on the current paradigm the world is operating from it might be hard to see where this new human will come from and how it could possibly survive in such an adverse world.

but this is looking at it from the mind and through the current paradigm we are stuck in. one could argue that the current human is on a self destructive path where, while some of us enjoy luxuries and pleasures every day, we are dying slowly and quietly inside.

it all comes back to three question:

  • who am i?

  • why am i here?

  • what do i really want?

human 1.0

if i cannot answer these questions, it is like driving my car without knowing why i am driving, where i am driving to and why i am driving to where i am driving to. yet this is how most of humanity navigates life. and then i die. and so what was the point of it all? there was no point. such a life is meaningless. and that’s the very nagging i might be experiencing everyday.

yes, i make money, i buy stuff, i build stuff, i enjoy myself, i travel, i have sex, i drink, i eat, i have fun. and tomorrow, i choose from this menu again trying to maximise my pleasure and minimise my pain. rinse and repeat until i die. i try and might get better at playing this game but somehow life keeps throwing me curve balls: from the weather and traffic jams to breakups, losses, disease and death.

i want to control it all yet i never succeed at it and so more often than not i am frustrated, depressed, sad, angry, worked up, tired. life is so exhausting. yes, it is because i am playing the game of human 1.0. it’s an outdated game i continue to play.

human 1.5

or maybe i am playing the human 1.5 game which is i work on myself, i become conscious of my shadows, patterns and traumas. i might even be on the spiritual path drinking plant medicine, going to retreats, doing breath work, working with shamans and traveling to exotic locations trying the newest and latest. it is because i realised that life gets easier when i let go of the baggage i unconsciously have been carrying around. however, i am still suffering just as the human 1.0. maybe just a little less.

human 2.0

and then there’s the human 2.0. it s an entirely different animal. it looks the same outside but when you get in touch with it i immediately realise there’s something different and i wonder what this human has that i don’t. and i want it! i can see how this human not only has his shit together but navigates life with such ease and grace that makes me wonder what is his secret.

the human 2.0 has not just understood but experienced that he is not his mind, identity and body. in other words, i am not vincent. vincent is an aspect of me and yes, i experience this life through vincent and my mind identifies with him. but capital I am so much more. (i refers to my perception of self and capital I refers to everything there is which is what I really am.) I am everything and I am nothing because I am beyond the realm of the material world. I created the material world so I can experience myself through it.

capital I

I am you and we are all I. we are all One. I am god, god is I and I is you and everyone else. and as we one by one realise this we as a collective start waking up to a new world, a world of love and understanding, a world of unity, a world where we all understood we are all One, literally. and that there is no death and there is no birth. yes, our individual physical vessels are born and die but these are simply transition moments of the consciousness we are.

and for what that I am, there is no money, there is no ownership, there are no things. I am all that or rather all that is a creation of mine. I is us and everything around and beyond us. I is everything. we are I and I is pure love. I created this world, the whole universe so that I can understand and experience myself. because I is everything, I needed to create separation, i.e. what I am not so I can experience and understand what I am.

what I am not

only by experiencing what I am not I can understand what I am. because before I created the material world and our sense of being separate, there was only I. everything was and everything is still I but I is experiencing itself through me, you and all other eight billion human beings separately but we are One I.

the mind is a formidable creation of I amongst all the other creations that we can see and experience and everything beyond that our limited i’s can’t perceive. my mind keeps me in the illusion that i am just vincent. and because i think i am just that, i act like i am just that and so i not only feel separate but i behave like it as well: i want my stuff for myself and i want more of it. and i want more money and i want more pleasure or whatever. i, i, i.

but none of that is relevant because when i die, I remember the consciousness I am and to where I go back to, which is also where I am all the time in parallel and there is no money, there is no time, there is no material world. there is just I. when i die, I remember this was all a game I was playing with myself though i took myself very seriously.

what I am

so this is what I am. and this is why i am here: to remember who I am. and so what do i and I want: to remember. and what does vincent want, wish and work towards: for all of us to remember.

this vincent can’t help but let you know one more time: if you want to meet I for yourself, come to portugal next weekend and have the most profound experience that i know of: understand who you are, why you are here and what you want.

from the bottom of my heart i wish every human being that they remember who they are. it’s the most beautiful moment. more beautiful than anything you’ve experienced before. it’s what we are all secretly yearning for: to be reunited with self, to understand who we are.

i and I - it is a real mindfuck. that is until you experience yourself as I. and all your questions will be answered all at once.

with love,

my awakening
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