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my awakening - neoslife
67/ creating heaven on earth

67/ creating heaven on earth

building the first village for human thriving
view from the peak

if you are looking to invest into the future of humanity, here's an opportunity to be part of it. we found magical land to build the neoslife center — a paradigm shifting place that will be the first of its kind in the world.

when we are in full alignment, things move at lightning speed.

not in my wildest dreams would i have expected to write these lines already in 2023 but after years of quiet preparation the neoslife village, center and resort for healing, well-being and human thriving is ready to become a reality, ready to be born. here’s a high level outline i wrote a year ago after my transformative ayahuasca experience: neoslife center

the village will include:

  • a cutting edge healing center bridging science, wisdom and spirituality focused on prevention and curing rather than conventional symptom treatment (led by my teacher dr. nader butto),

  • a co-working and creation center,

  • a meditation and inner wisdom center,

  • a school that helps the next generation to become self-sovereign critical thinkers,

  • an academy teaching and furthering our understanding of how mind, body and soul are integrated and thereby how to live healthy and happy lives,

  • a resort and residences for guests, staff and permanent residents hosting around 1,000 people at the same time,

  • a farm based on regenerative and permaculture agriculture that will fully sustain the whole village with its own water and energy production and free roaming animals across the land,

  • all of the above integrated into the local community and in harmony with all stakeholders no matter who they are or where they are from and

  • a few other things that will make this place truly unique on this planet.

we are on earth to commune together and the neoslife village will model that this is not only possible but value accretive for everyone while providing comfort, modern amenities and even luxury living in harmony with nature and the local community. yes, we can have all of that without compromising and this project will showcase it to the world creating the first modern blue zone. it will also be a fully self-sustained and self-sufficient village — who knows when the next lock-down comes.

this is no longer just a vision: we have found a beautiful 420 ha piece of land in alentejo, portugal within 75 mins from lisbon airport and the city that overdelivers on what we were looking for to become the most cutting edge health, healing and well-being center and community.

the land is operational and already comes with

  • it’s own drinking water sources and several water bodies including a dam,

  • 170 cows and various other animals,

  • most of the areas is covered with cork trees — a source of beauty and income,

  • existing buildings with 16 bedrooms, restaurant and social spaces that are currently used for hunting tourism,

  • agricultural equipment including tractors and

  • even its own airplane landing strip.

imagery of the land: first picture is the northern part, second picture the southern — both parts are divided by the dam in the middle.

northern part (north is left and the dam to the right is south)
southern part (again, north is left and south is right)

here’s a glimpse of the land around the dam:

the following is a concept design from two years ago for a much smaller and hence denser resort. with the above land, things will be spaced out and it will mostly be single housing with few large buildings and a maximum of two floors embedded into the hills so that what will dominate are splendid views of nature from any place inside and outside.

this image gives you an idea of the topography and extensiveness of the land. it’s width in the middle is 2km (1.2 miles) and it’s height is 3.1km (1.9 miles) for a total of 4.2km2 or 420 ha. from the highest peak to the river valley has an altitude differential of 100m (330 feet). the land has several hill chains which provide stunning views and privacy across. there might also be an opportunity to buy the adjacent land which compromises another 280 ha.

there are many more details about the land, the project and the amazing people involved that i am happy to share if you would like to learn more.

what’s next?

we have secured the land and are now looking for the initial seed money to complete the purchase, start the planning process, hire an architect and do a refurbishment of the existing buildings and facilities so the land becomes operational for retreats this coming summer. we are meeting the municipality next week to discuss our vision with the mayor and urban planning team.

i cannot think of a more rewarding investment opportunity (impact, well-being-wise and financially) especially in the polarised and adverse times we find ourselves. here you have an opportunity to be part of a peaceful revolution in showing we can do so much better. i am fully committed to see this project through to the end.

neoslife - life reimagined

neoslife is my life’s work together with many of the amazing souls that i have met and keep meeting along the path, some of them which are listed here: neoslife team. this list is continuously evolving and expanding as people get drawn towards the project. i’m looking forward to soon include you or one of your acquainted investors. reply to this email or send a message to to become part of this ride and have your own residence in this heaven on earth.

last but not least, we are looking for aligned early and later-stage investors that understand the vision and are primarily investing because of their connection with it rather than for a purely financial return. this project will provide prosperity for everyone involved financially and otherwise but it s not meant to be a mere transaction but a calling to create beauty.

if you are interested, i would also like to invite you to consider journeying with us this december 8 or 9 at Awaken to Beauty which will allow you to get to know the team, the project and even the land while having the most expansive experience and connecting deeply with the vision. i can’t wait to start working with you on this and create heaven on earth.

with love and excitement for what’s to come

ps. here’s the timeline i outlined in 2022 and to my amazement, we are ahead.

my awakening - neoslife
my awakening - neoslife
weekly reflections on waking up to the meaning and beauty of life.