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69/ you are humanity's only hope

69/ you are humanity's only hope

building a transformation engine

It has become clear to me that there’s a need to swiftly create and scale a “human transformation engine”. More on that below.

“We fuck each other over all the time, without even realising it. We fuck every living thing on this planet over and think it’ll be fine because we user paper straws and order the free range chicken. And the sick thing is, I think deep down we know we’re not fooling anyone. I think we know we’re living a lie. An agreed upon mass delusion to help us ignore and keep ignoring how awful we really are.”

— Julia Roberts in Leave the World Behind

Scene from the movie “Leave the World Behind”

Why do we do that? Why are we not learning and evolving into a higher consciousness, a higher way of being? It seems we are blind to what’s going on. Are we too “busy” with our own lives or maybe we just don’t care or hope it will all go away? Because somewhere there are people taking advantage of our ignorance:

“Make no mistake the final goal is to eradicate humanity as we know it. Once you understand the final destination it becomes much easier to look back and identify the psychological conditioning, the biological tampering, the cultural grooming and the educational prepping that we have been subjected to for decades in preparation to making us accept a posthuman future. It takes a lot of physical and psychological abuse to get an intelligent species like ours to agree to its own extinction.”

Paulo Aboli at the Better Way Conference 2023

Crazy talk? I invite you to reflect, especially those that have journeyed spiritually and psychedelically, that what you mentally believe to be true is simply that: A belief. Our minds are tight prisons within the greater reality.

That’s why it is crucial for us to reconnect with our intuition and deeper knowing — a place that is free from conditioning and that cannot be manipulated. Ask yourself: What do you KNOW to be true?

time is a luxury we might not have

I also invite you to watch this enlightening interview with intellectually brilliant biologist Bret Weinstein as he dissects what happened during Covid, and, more importantly, what is happening right now. With the WHO pandemic treaty on its way to being signed by our governments this coming May, we are seeing a big step towards a one-world government being implemented in front of our own eyes — with nobody talking about what should be front-page news.

“The COVID pandemic caused us to become aware of a lot of structures that had been built around us, something that former NSA officer William Binney once described as the turnkey totalitarian state, the totalitarian state is erected around you. But it’s not activated. And then once it’s built, the key gets turned.”

— Bret Weinstein

Click on the picture to watch the video or read the transcript here. It is an eye-opening interview even for the most sceptical towards Covid disclosure. If you are short for time, watch the last ten minutes.

davos 2024 vs. waking up

As some of you are making your way to Davos next week, take this opportunity to reflect upon the state of the world and how you may be part of its devolution through inaction. Be honest because once a totalitarian agenda is implemented, it will be very difficult to undo. The time for action is now. Observe yourself, the conversations and the people: Where do I see things going wrong? And what am I doing about it? Because if not me, who?

Stop holding back. Indeed a global consciousness is what is required. Yet how will that come about? Somebody has to start. The opportunity is here for you. You can be the source of this new consciousness. You can be the inspiration. Indeed you must be. Who else is there?

Conversations with God, Book 2

Luckily, there are more and more people recognising what is going on and willing to speak about it openly even at the risk of being canceled or ridiculed. I’d love to be wrong but I am convinced that while we have a window of opportunity to turn things around, we are moving fast towards a point of no return. I believe that to be 2027.

It gives us three years if we are lucky. It could be much less. The world is moving very fast these days while our attention is captured by our personal lives, Netflix, making more money and news distraction, diversion and the polarisation with Israel vs. Gaza (and previously Ukraine vs. Russia) — an online shouting match of who is more evil.

People are suffering and the media’s game is to focus our attention and to tell us what to believe — divide and conquer while distracting us from what is really going on. And as you are engaging in this exchange, my question again: What am I really doing? Am I making a difference? When will it be bad enough so that I take action? If not me, who?

we are due for an upgrade

Elon Musk said in a recent interview that “the amount of compute dedicated to AI is increasing by a factor of ten roughly every six months”. If this is true, it means AI is increasing by a factor of 100 per year, a factor of 10,000 (10x10x10x10) every two years and a factor of 1,000,000 over three years. It’s hard to grasp exponentials and nearly impossible to grasp the implications of this. 2026 will be nothing like 2023. Nothing.

While technology has been evolving exponentially, our human “operating system”, our consciousness has stagnated at best. It still operates the way it did 1,000 years ago. We still resolve disagreements through physical force, war and conflicts. We still follow the Darwinian survival of the fittest — and hence keep fucking things up.

Having God-like technologies in the hands of cavemen is a dangerous combination. Especially in the hands of those that seem to have a very specific plan for humanity as Bret masterfully explains in the interview above. It’s time to wake up.

AI’s perspective of the neoslife village

calibrating your compass to true north

So what am I doing about it? neoslife’s immediate focus will be to become a transformation engine: A significant evolution and deepening of what we started with the Awaken to Beauty retreats.

A residential one-week program where you go through a deeply transformative experience that wakes you up to your true being and we subsequently work through all your issues. It’s an all-in, no backdoors program. You will do open-heart surgery on your being to unleash your soul and to get into full alignment with your reason of being.

Once your heart is liberated and your understanding of self evolved, we will move on to a crash-course in understanding the world around you. You bring all your beliefs (whatever they are) and we will challenge them until you finally get to YOUR truth rather than the one you have been made to believe over your lifetime. We will help you remove the tumour and step out of the collective delusion.

You will be calibrating your compass to true north. It won’t be our truth or answers but we will be here to help you find yours by empowering you to look deep inside yourself. It is deep inner work, a labour of love.

It is also the most difficult and the most beautiful work. It’s called The Great Work. It really is the only work we are here to do. As a result, your doing will become an expression of your being. The gift of knowing is the freedom from thinking.

a priceless gift

The reason you will choose to take this challenging journey is that you may get something priceless: The clarity of who you are and why you are alive, the freedom to be unconditionally you, the courage to live a full life, an absence of fear, doubt and anxiety, a community for life to support you on your journey and, I have no doubt, so much more that we will discover together.

I see you and your suffering, however big or small. Writing these lines has cost me every ounce of my energy. Many times, I asked myself whether I am going crazy and what am I doing with my life? Many times, I had to wade into deep and dark waters full of alligators only to find out that they were fictions of my mind.

This is an offering from my soul to yours: To cleanse your heart to reconnect with your soul and remember who you truly are. You will know whether you are called to come. And when you are, we will be here for you to be reborn and supporting you at every step along the way.

Births are difficult but giving life to yourself is the most beautiful gift there is. It really is the only thing that matters.

I leave you with this poem.

That all the love may find you

my awakening - neoslife
my awakening - neoslife
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