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65/ the end of all wars

65/ the end of all wars

that we may all awaken

the god molecule

two weeks ago, we held our first “awaken” experience together with john and fouad who have served the “god molecule” to 12,000 people. john is an american psychiatrist who realised on his journey that he could help people much more than prescribing symptom numbing pharmaceuticals by giving them a profound spiritual experience. six years ago, he quit his nyc based practice and started serving 5-meo-dmt exclusively.

as a reader of this newsletter you know i’ve explored all kinds of psychoactive substances. however, there is nothing quite like this one which is extracted from the venom of the sonoran desert toad. in john’s words:

this is really hard to, it’s ineffable, it’s hard to put into words or describe. but many would describe this sense of: a deep inner soul journey where you feel like you are connected to oneness. you are connected to everything in the universe into infinity. we refer to it as non-duality. the sense of connecting to something deeply spiritual.

there are psychedelics and then there’s 5-meo-dmt. the moment you inhale this potion you experience yourself as something much greater than your mind and body realising — without the shadow of a doubt — that you are much more than that. this puts everything the mind thinks into a completely new context. it’s a rebirth of oneself.

i don’t know what else to tell you because no words can do this experience justice. whatever you think you are or you are not, whatever you think you can do or cannot do, whatever you feel you are stuck with or challenges that you have in your life, this puts it all into a completely new frame. and this is why we chose this particular substance for the container we have created.

here’s a glimpse of it:

awaken to beauty

when i started this newsletter i called it “my awakening”. i didn’t know back then that there is actually a substance that takes us into an awakened state of consciousness, a state where the mind is offline — at least for a few minutes — so we can experience truth directly rather than the distortions and creations of it.

if this calls you, we are having our second edition at the end of the month in portugal. we call it: earlybird pricing ends today but for the first ten people who register from this newsletter, i will extend it to tomorrow.

it’s my deepest desire personally and for all of humanity to awaken to our true nature. we are energetic beings having a bodily and mental experience rather than being bodies with brains that create consciousness. this misunderstanding is single-handedly responsible for all the suffering in the world, including my own one.

the end of all wars

i am looking forward to an awakened future in the not too distant future where we have all experienced this oneness and we treat each other accordingly. this will also be the end of all conflicts and wars — whether within our own families or on geopolitical level. i cannot think of a more timely moment to start creating this new peace from within by experiencing it for ourselves. one by one we awaken.

we are here in deep service to you to guide you through this sacred initiation whenever you are ready.

that all wars may end.

with love,

my awakening
my awakening - neoslife
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