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66/ everything you ever wanted

66/ everything you ever wanted

is here right now

what if i could promise you everything you ever wanted? you might think: “how could he possibly know what i want?” or “how could he possibly give me what i want?” if you are like every other human being after removing all the mentally made-up wants i would bet that what you really desire is to enjoy freedom through peace of mind, joy and love.

what’s standing in the way? your mind. why? because it’s driven by fear. fear of not having enough, fear of not being enough, not being safe, not being loved, not being understood, not being… what do all those fears (many of them unconscious) do to you? they make you suffer — the absence of peace of mind, joy and love.

because of the worries you have about what you are (seemingly) not yet or what could happen to you in the future, life can be miserable. and to make up for that we try to acquire money, power, status and even try to buy love. what’s the result? the suffering only becomes more. why? because the hole we feel inside cannot be plugged by external achievements.

it’s like taking anxiety medication. it doesn’t remove anxiety, it just suppresses it. just like all pharmaceuticals. they “treat” symptoms rather than curing the cause. and so it is with our cravings to compensate the gap we feel inside.

what’s the solution? stop trying to fight the symptoms, address the cause. how? by healing to underlying trauma. how? by seeing the truth and awaken to your true nature. how? many ways lead to rome. we have created one that we call awaken to beauty. here’s one of our recent participants after experiencing her truth (1 min):

“i know who i am. i am not scared. i have seen humanity. i have seen the light. i have seen death. i have seen everything. i am not scared anymore. i am happy. thank you.” — alex, investor, participant of awaken

is this an adverting for our retreats? no. there’s a reason i have co-created this experience after nine years of looking for “the answer” to life’s big questions and how to get out of the never ending cycle of suffering. this creation is my gift to you and i wish every human being to experience what alex has. because when you do, you are ready and able to end your own and then all suffering including wars.

to clarify, this is not a magic pill. this is medicine. i like to call it a truth serum. it won’t solve your problems but it will empower you to realise that what you think are problems are just distortions of your mind. once you have seen your mind for what it is, you will be ready to make the changes you secretly wanted to make all along.

and because an experience alone is not enough to create permanent change, this does require your desire and willpower to change, we have embedded this most profound experience in a whole life transformation and empowerment journey. we and the community of fellow travellers are here to support and empower you to make the changes you want so you can find the peace, joy and love that you came for to earth and that are your birthrights.

we are here for you when you are ready to put an end to whatever you need to put an end to. this is a sacred mission and i could not be more honoured to connect you to your truth when you got tired of playing the old game and are ready to

one by one we will see the light that is in all of us, that we all are.

with all my love for you and for all of humanity,
i am in deep service to you,

my awakening
my awakening - neoslife
weekly reflections on waking up to the meaning and beauty of life.