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59/ immortality

59/ immortality

know thyself

in this newsletter: 

  • immortality through awakening — the evolution we are meant to go through

  • the heart protocol journey — meet your true self in july

  • integrating your experience — how to bring insights from psychedelic journeys into your daily life

  • the historic role of psychedelics in the evolution of humanity — and their role in our future survival

me accompanying a participant during her heart protocol journey

interested in the heart protocol and/or my integration offering, please read here:

heart protocol & integration

if you die before you die, you won’t die when you die. — the immortality key

we are afraid of death and thereby we are afraid to fully live but once you realise what you truly are, the fear starts to dissipate and life turns from a struggle into a gift that is the journey of waking up to your true self.

when renaissance artist michelangelo was asked about the difficulties that he must have encountered in sculpting his masterpiece david he unassumingly replied:

it is easy. you just chip away the stone that doesn’t look like david.

i now recognise this is what i have been doing all these years and it’s the work we are all meant to do: chipping away at what we are not so we can be our true selves. in my specific case, this even expressed itself by me feeling both resistance to and the need to strip naked twice in (ayahuasca) ceremonies. don’t worry, i have never seen anybody else strip naked.

i now understand that it was simply a metaphor of my soul asking me to let go of everything i am not. the journey of “becoming” myself is one of removing all that i am not because from its perspective i am not my mind, personality and the things i own or surround myself with (aka my life and lifestyle). i am not what my ego defines itself as.

i am a soul that uses this body to have an experience on this planet. and once i viscerally experienced that, the fear of death and fears of not being enough or not having enough started falling away. it marks the beginning of the end of all fears and the start of confidence, clarity and the freedom to express myself fully and authentically.

experience immortality

we must close our eyes and invoke a new manner of seeing, a wakefulness that is the birthright of us all, though few put it to use. ― plotinus

next month, the heart protocol is coming back to portugal. i had a profound experience when first experiencing it in april this year. i touched upon it in this recent newsletter (57/ 5-meo-dmt: experiencing full Reality

whether you are looking for a higher-level understanding of yourself and life or a breakthrough, the heart protocol has been one of the most profound and at the same time gentle experiences i have gone through: there’s no physical purging, you don’t need to travel to south america and your journey takes place in the comfort of a private room and bed. 

dr. samuel lee, md (sam) is a board-certified psychiatrist and has developed the heart protocol by looking for an answer to navigate his own challenges and help those of his patients and clients. in his words:

out of 10+ years of practicing western psychiatry, serving as the medical director of a holistic health program, and exploring all different kinds of plant medicines and therapies, i can honestly say that this protocol has the potential to catalyse healing and growth more than any other physical modality I’ve encountered thus far. — dr. samuel lee

the heart protocol is the combination of two psychoactive substances: mdma which opens the heart and lets you experience the full love for yourself, life and everyone around you; and ketamine which shuts down the narrating monkey mind and lets you experience pure consciousness without the nagging chatter. together they enable you to experience your true, soul being and bring clarity on how to solve your life’s challenges.

the journey

a friend, sam and i hanging out at the end of my heart protocol journey. my pupils are still dilated from the effect of the mdma (hence the slighty weird look).

words cannot do these types of experiences justice. and that’s the very power and purpose of them: to reframe your reality into a more open and healthy way to help you get out of the blinders and limitations of your current thinking, self-perception and beliefs. 

to give the wanting-to-know mind something to feed on, i will share the structure of the program. if this subsequently piques your interest, fill out the form here and we hop on a phone call to explore whether this is the right time for you. 

you will meet dr. sam at noon in a home in the beautiful surroundings of sintra, portugal. you will journey by yourself or together with up to two other participants (depending what option you prefer). the journey starts around 3pm which you will enjoy in the comfort and privacy of your own bedroom. 

you will be lying comfortably in your bed with an eye mask, headphones playing music and a microphone recording your reflections during the journey on your phone. the latter is unique to this format and extremely valuable as you will have a transcript of all the realisations you had during the experience which you can then refer to in the days, weeks, months and years after this experience. this will be a powerful tool in helping you to implement the insights into your day-to-day. 

during the journey, sam (and i, if you’d like me there) will keep checking in on you as little or as much as you would like. some participants appreciate a continuous accompanying as i did for the person in the picture at the beginning of this article. others like to be by themselves just with the occasional check-in that you are doing fine. 

the journey will last between three to four hours. as you slowly come out of it, you will have the option to stay in your room to journal, to go for a walk in nature or to meet us and other participants to talk and enjoy some food if you are hungry. you will spend the evening in whatever way calls and supports you the most. you will then spend the night at the property. 

in the morning, you will have breakfast followed by an integration session where you can share with, if you like, other participants and us your experience and where we give you suggestions and reflections on your journey and what to do next. 

that concludes the in-person part of the heart protocol with dr. sam. 

integration — bringing what you’ve learnt into your life

the psychedelic journey will remove the veil and open your eyes to the illusions you have been holding about your life. or to put it in plato’s terms of the cave allegory, you will exit the cave and experience the true nature of things and yourself.

left is where the mind keeps us, right is when we step out of the confines of it. source: wikipedia

the psychedelic journey is the exciting, the eye-opening part. however, the real work starts after which is to bring meaning to the experience and to make changes to your life as a result — otherwise what would be the point of it besides the novelty factor? 

the purpose of such journeys is to help us get out of our mental prison and learn to live authentically and transform the way we look at and go through life — who we are being and how we are showing up. as a result, life will be more joyful, effortless and beautiful. that is the gift. 

as i like to say, the journey opens the veil but the real work is to keep it and ourselves open and transformed without going back to the old ways of being and doing things. that requires effort because, despite a life changing experience, we are creatures of habit and back at the office on monday, it will be easiest to keep doing what you have always done. 

to help you with this, i am offering to spend the subsequent 24 hours with me. based on my experience, this will involve reflecting on your experience, reviewing your transcript and helping with the interpretation and concrete action steps for when you go back home, bodywork including an energy wash-out (a trauma and emotional conflict releasing technique by my teacher dr. nader butto), exploring of your gene keys and life purpose as well as any other subjects that might be relevant to you. 

most importantly, i will sit and be there for you and whatever you need. i will hold a powerful container for you to explore safely where to go next. you will have access to me, my whole toolkit and my mind and heart and we will explore what serves you best. 

the money conversation

these types of experiences provided by the right people (meaning with the sole purpose of serving you rather than profiting from you) are priceless because they are positively life-changing. for both sam and i this is a labour of love and our contribution to help you and the world to awaken so that life will be more beautiful for you, your loved ones and everyone around you. 

sam is offering the heart protocol experience for €3,333 including the overnight stay divided by the number of participants. so it’s €1,111 to €3,333 depending on whether you want a private experience or to share it with up to two others. if all you want is a journey with him than that’s the total investment plus your journey to portugal. 

if you like me to accompany or spend an integration day with you, we will explore this over the phone. as i have laid out in my beyond coaching manifesto, my service is no longer driven by money and hence i will support anybody who is serious about this work irrespective of your financial means. together, we will determine what you need and what you can and want to contribute financially. 

i am bringing the work of sam to your attention because his protocol is extremely potent and he has done deep work in developing it. i have no gain in promoting his work. my calling is to make this work accessible to more people in a safe and beautiful setting and use it as a springboard to help you transform your life for the better. from where i am at this is the only way how we will evolve as humanity beyond our reptilian self-destructive brain.

the role of psychedelics in human evolution

unbeknown to most, psychedelics have been used since the dawn of time to help us in our evolution and in raising our consciousness. they go back to the time since we became settlers and started agriculture. ergot is the mold that would “infest” wheat with a psychedelic effect. 

funny side story: the german reinheitsgebot brewing was likely motivated to prevent this psychedelic effect from appearing in beer — which would occur if the wheat was not stored in a particular way. as long as psychedelics existed there has been a war of removing them from our access not to protect us but rather to prevent us from awakening. why? because awake people ask questions and are harder to control individually and as a society as a whole. but this is for another article. 

if you like to dive into the history of psychedelics since the dawn of humanity, i highly recommend the following talk by brian muraresku new york times best-selling author of “the immortality key: the secret history of the religion with no name”. he researched and proved the use of psychedelics back to ancient greek and roman times. it’s a fascinating and eye-opening talk. 

i have been holding the view that our awakening (supported by psychedelics) is the only way for us to navigate the new brave world of ai without the risk of destroying ourselves. something i hope to explore in more depth in a future newsletter. for now, please enjoy his reflections. if you are only interested in this aspect (and not the history of psychedelics), start watching at minute 33. 

last but not least

sam will be here offering journeys for up to 3 people per day from july 13 to 31. his experience is both powerful and popular. if this is something that interests you, please click here where i am sharing more information about his journey and my offering to help you integrate it.

if not this time then i hope you will have the opportunity in the future to explore your higher self, the nature of the universe and the miracles of life that will transform your understanding of self, why you are here and empower you to be the best version of yourself. i believe this to be everyone’s birthright if they so wish. 

with love and in service of your higher self,


heart protocol & integration

and here’s a beautifully uplifting song for you — currently my favourite (especially the second half):

spirit lead me where my trust is without borders

let me walk upon the waters wherever you would call me

take me deeper than my feet could ever wander

and my faith will be made stronger in the presence of my saviour

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